38 weeks.

The hospital bag is packed (and has been for two weeks). The house has been cleaned from top to bottom twice (and I still keep finding things to clean, I'm in full blown nesting mode). We've managed to narrow our list of names down to four (haha - give or take). Expiration dates on the food in our refrigerator have now surpassed my due date. Hormones have me feeling pretty irritable and the suspense of when this thing is gonna go down is starting to make the days feel pretty long .

 But it seems we're as prepared as we could ever be, so for now, we wait.

I imagine that the next month will be pretty quiet around my blog and facebook page. I will be taking sessions again in March, and though there may be a slight delay, I will be doing my best to keep up on emails and messages throughout February. A notice to my 2015 Senior's parentsAs of March 1st, print prices (through your client gallery) will be changing. Now is the time to order prints in order to get the 2014 pricing.