Raise your hand if you love couples in love! ( My hand is raised, you guys!)I can't tell you how amazing it is when I get a couple that can giggle with each other and are pretty good at ignoring the giant camera being shoved in their faces. Lucky for me, most of my couples are like this, and Kelly and Harrison were no exception. I got to tell my corny jokes, and they laughed at them, making for some really sweet and authentic moments. These sweeties are getting married at  The Hayloft at Moonshine Farm in the fall, and I'm so excited to capture their wedding day! JEB-5424JEB-5451JEB-5469JEB-5471JEB-5474JEB-5484JEB-5486JEB-5515JEB-5528JEB-5538JEB-5556JEB-5566JEB-5590JEB-5596JEB-5612JEB-5619JEB-5628JEB-5662 JEB-5672JEB-5683JEB-5715JEB-5718JEB-5724JEB-5731JEB-5734JEB-5757JEB-5775JEB-5807JEB-5811JEB-5816JEB-5825JEB-5899JEB-5929JEB-5955JEB-5969JEB-5979 JEB-5982JEB-6001JEB-6010JEB-6038