Dear Arlo,

I'm just wondering if, with each milestone in your life, I will simultaneously think 'stop growing!!' and 'wow! The older you get, the more my heart explodes with love". This was the case with your recent development, two tiny little teeth. You bit me three separate times as soon as that first tooth came through. When I yelped in pain, you looked up at me and smiled every single time. I'm going to assume that this means you have a twisted sense of humor, which I'm totally okay with.  You've started sleeping on your belly at night, which makes me a nervous wreck, but you seem to love it and there's not much I can do to stop you, so on your belly you shall sleep. Recently, the whole "Stranger Danger" thing has come into play, and some strangers you are just NOT okay with. The lip starts puckering (see below), and the tears start flowing, which instantly makes me want to scoop you out of their arms and reassure you that it's okay.  I find myself being 'that' mom that says "you're so cute!" all the time or complimenting you a million times a day. Daddy does it ten times more than I do and I reminded him that "we really need to stop doing that, because she's going to grow up to be a narcissist." But, really, we can't help it. We love you so much and want to tell you every chance we get, so If that means you grow up to be obsessed with yourself,  so be it.

I'll tell you once more. You're SO cute and smart and scrumptious and I love you SO much. And I'm totally obsessed with you.