Dear Arlo-

My little wildflower (as grandpa calls you). I'm sitting here watching you in your walker, you're grabbing my leg and trying to bite me with your two little shark teeth. You've got your dog onesie on that I bought you last August, before you were earthside. I remember in that moment thinking that I couldn't even imagine you being big enough to fit into a 6 month onesie. I couldn't imagine what kind of tiny human you would be, who you would look like, what you would act like. I couldn't imagine what It would be like being a momma, your momma.

These days I could never imagine any other tiny human but you. Your silly faces, the way you splash in the bath tub, screeching at the top of your lungs just to hear yourself screech. The way you slap me in the face and stick your fingers up my nose and in my mouth. That huge smile on your face first thing in the morning. You are everything I never imagined you would be, and being your momma is the most amazing gift.

I love you,