It's the first full week of the new year which means everyone is setting ambitious and (possibly) unrealistic goals for themselves. I get it, a fresh start.. A clean slate, but doesn't it feel like we're putting too much pressure on ourselves sometimes? 

For instance, it's January 4th and my list of things to work on is already grocery list - length:

Re-do website, check. (ha! Take that, new year.. already checked something off my list)
Blog more
Spend less time on my computer, working and more time being present (I realize this absolutely contradicts the whole 'Blog More' thing.. see what I'm saying about unrealistic goals?)
Work on my patience
Be less anxious (easier said than done, ya'll)
Go on more adventures
Shoot more film
Spend less money (again, contradicting myself because shooting film is hella $$$)
Workout more, eat less sugar (The Balash household is currently on our second sugar-detox cleanse. This one I'm actually pretty confident we will NAIL, just sayin')
Plant (and successfully grow) a garden this summer. hashtag black thumb problems.  

phew. Looking over this list, I'm already fairly sure that half of these will go out the window within a matter of months... okay, weeks. Who am I kidding? But ya know what, that's okay. I guess It IS pretty great that everyone is trying to better themselves.

..Does "it's the thought that counts" apply to New Year Resolutions? Because some of the ones on my list may be just that.. A thought.

Happy New Year, guys.. Here's to a year of bettering yourself, a year of contradictions (like me), or a year of staying exactly the same because you're perfect (go, you!). Whatever you do, I hope it's great.