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Dear Arlo | 2 months old

Dear Arlo, I can't believe you are two months old! I hate to admit it, but I spent the first 1.5 months of your life so consumed with hormones and sleep deprivation that I forgot to stop and marvel at you. I am so sorry for that. With a clear head and a little more sleep, I'm now trying to soak in every moment . To be brutally honest with you, kid, the two month old you is a lot more fun than the newborn you. You are so alert! Daddy and I are starting to get a feel for your personality, which we think is a mix of both sassy and stubborn (no surprise there). Your days are spent in a cycle of eating, cooing and talking to momma, crying, sleeping and repeat.  You love to stare at ceiling fans and find it pretty funny when your doggies give you kisses. We sing crazy made-up songs, play you country music, and speed walk with you around the house when you get bored and start to cry... which is pretty often. (We are finding more and more that you like to make mommy and daddy work pretty hard to keep you entertained and happy! Daddy called you a "diva" the other day, which I think is pretty accurate.)  You are weighing in at 9.5 lbs, all of your brown fuzzy hair is falling out and you are looking more and more like daddy with each passing day. It has been so fun watching you learn and grow over these past weeks, and just when I think I can't love you more, you go and do something adorable that makes my heart explode. We love you so much and can't wait to see what this next month brings!

Love, Mom