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Walter & Ashley | Married

Ashley and Walter were such a joy to photograph. Their day had such a relaxed, easy going feel to it, and that so complimented their wedding location: The Rosamond Gifford Zoo.  Walter and Ashley were married under twinkle lights on one of the coldest November days we had. If you're picturing guests running out to sit down for the ceremony, the officiant performing a swift and beautiful service, then everyone running back inside to the comfort of sweet sweet heat, then you pretty much nailed that mental image. Their day was perfect from start to finish, and their happiness was contagious . 


Luke & Stacy | Married

Luke and Stacy were married at Camp Brockway in Manlius on the hottest May day everrr. And in my opinion, they deserve an award for being so kind. gracious and generally awesome for NEVER complaining during their photos. From Stacy's tea length dress, to her crocheted bouquet that her mother made, to the stacks of books that served as décor and guest favors - every detail spoke to Stacy and Luke's interests and personalities. (I may have gotten carried away with the 'detail' photos on this one, the details were just too good!)