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I realized about 6 months ago that all of our personal photos have two people in them. My husband and my daughter. Sure, we have some family photos, too, but really the only photos of Arlo and me are (oh god, I don't even want to say it..) selfies. That's just not okay, you guys. Am I alone in this? 

It's your time, mama. You deserve honest, intimate photographs of you and your babe. Let's walk through a forest or hang out in your living room. Let's document you and your kiddos just being you, just doing your thang. 

Organic. Authentic. Mama Bird Sessions.

30-40 minute lifestyle session

location of your choosing (though I have some suggestions, too)  

edited digital images with full printing rights  

sessions have been designed with younger children and their mom's in mind (and/or pregnant mamas, too!) But all moms deserve a session if they desire one, so I'm not going to put an age limit on it because that would be weird. I will let you use your judgment. 

5 slots open, booking throughout the month of May.  


 ($275 value)

( I'll even throw in a flower crown if you're a flower crown kind of gal.. we all know I am!) 



Arlo is super stoked about this photoshoot, you guys.. clearly.

Arlo is super stoked about this photoshoot, you guys.. clearly.



Dear Arlo | 6 months

  Dear Arlo-

My little wildflower (as grandpa calls you). I'm sitting here watching you in your walker, you're grabbing my leg and trying to bite me with your two little shark teeth. You've got your dog onesie on that I bought you last August, before you were earthside. I remember in that moment thinking that I couldn't even imagine you being big enough to fit into a 6 month onesie. I couldn't imagine what kind of tiny human you would be, who you would look like, what you would act like. I couldn't imagine what It would be like being a momma, your momma.

These days I could never imagine any other tiny human but you. Your silly faces, the way you splash in the bath tub, screeching at the top of your lungs just to hear yourself screech. The way you slap me in the face and stick your fingers up my nose and in my mouth. That huge smile on your face first thing in the morning. You are everything I never imagined you would be, and being your momma is the most amazing gift.

I love you,











McKenzi & Raigen

Sometimes, my artist soul needs to photograph someone and not have to worry about getting the 'safe' shot or making the client happy. ( Yeah, I know using the term 'artist' sounds super pretentious..)  I'm glad these beautiful girls agreed to put on some flower crowns and oblige me!