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Dear Arlo | 3 months

  Dear Arlo,

You're three months old! I know it's super cliché, but time really does fly by. We are really enjoying this age, and I'll probably say this every month, but 3 months is my favorite so far. You are gaining a little bit of independence, and starting to act like a real live human baby, instead of just some creature who cries and sleeps all the time. Some leg rolls and a pretty sweet double chin have emerged, and I swear that fat has never looked SO cute. You've found your hands in the last month, and when you aren't sticking them in your mouth, you spend a lot of time interlocking and staring at them. Again, SO cute. You are the queen of all the funny faces (see below), and I'm sure all moms say this, but your smile is totally infectious. It makes my heart explode into a million tiny pieces. You've started to really love your bath and tummy times, can hold your head up pretty well, and kick your legs and flap your arms whenever you're excited. You're like a gift that keeps on giving. Every week brings a new development, bringing out your personality a bit more.. and I just fall more and more in love.

Until next month..

Love, MomJEB-4818JEB-4794JEB-4788JEB-4749JEB-4795JEB-4772