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Matt & Kristen | Married

While I'm always one to obsess over the gorgeous details of a wedding, (and trust me- this one had them!), Matt and Kristen's wedding has me gushing over all of the awesome, tiny moments throughout their day. From listening to Kristen's mother and friends talk about how perfect of a match Matt was for her (while she was in the other room getting her dress on), Matt and Kristen reading their vows semi-privately to each other (I say 'semi-privately' because Matt's brother and I were maybe creeping on the side-lines..  barely keeping it together), to a night filled with drinks and dancing under a light-filled tent, while the sun set on the lake. I MEAN come on, It doesn't get much better than that. Did I mention the sunset portraits by the water? Or that Kristen and Matt are stellar human beings? Or that they got married at Camp Hollis where Kristen used to go as a kid? It's all too good.