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Jim & Katrina | Engaged

Hats off to the sweetest couples that are game for winter engagement sessions, guys.

 Maybe we trecked through feet of snow for this session, and maybe all three of us went home with snow in our boots and wet butts, but is there anything more romantic than a snowy session? I really don't think so. Also, totally unsure as to how Katrina and Jim managed to look so warm/cuddly/model-like throughout their session, but damn, I'm glad they did.



Dear Arlo | 10 & 11 months

Dear Arlo,


I don’t have to tell you because you already know, but for record’s sake, I will remind you and label this past month as the month of chaos. We spent all of November packing and unpacking, moving into our new home and getting settled in. December made a dramatic entrance when mommy got Shingles, you got Roseola, and you had your first trip to the E.R. with a 104 fever. It was so incredibly heart wrenching to watch you scream in pain and not be able to help you. I am constantly taken aback by how deeply I feel, as a momma, and In that hospital room pacing back and forth holding you as you sobbed.. I would’ve given anything to take away your discomfort. Thankfully you are back to your normal, healthy self as we prepare for your first Christmas.. We are surely more excited than you are, and are also pretty sure that you’ll spend Christmas morning playing with the boxes that your gifts are packaged in, but that’s okay with us. This holiday season is so much more magical and special with you here. This time last year, your dad and I were sitting on the couch playing Skipbo and talking about how strange It would be to have a little baby crawling around at Christmas time. Now I’m looking into the living room, watching him play peek-a-boo with you, as your scrunching your nose and giggling. Time is crazy, and next time I write to you, you will be 12 months old. It seems unreal that a year has almost passed.

Call me super cheesy, girl, but you are the best gift we could’ve ever asked for.

I love you,  baby bird.



(Also, that time we put you in your cousin’s hand-me-over snow suit that was huge and made you look like you were wearing a potato sack…  hashtag fashion fale.
Also, Also, that time we sat on the floor of our empty old house, surrounded by overflowing boxes.. trying to capture some last photos in your first home. I hope someday we look back at those photographs and remember the excitement, anxiousness and the tiny bit of sadness we felt about moving into a new home.  )