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Engaged | Joe & Richelle

I got to shoot my best friend's engagement photos and holy crap, this is when I feel so glad that I do what I do. I'll be the first to admit that I have many moments of frustration, questioning and self-doubt when It comes to my creative life, but being able to photograph someone so close to you has a way of making all things feel right in the world.

I am ecstatic to watch these sweeties get married next year!



Oh, miss Kinley. I can't believe I've been photographing this little beauty since she was a tiny babe! She was one of my first sessions in my studio, way back when.. Check out how little and scrumptious she was here.. (recognize that flower in her hair?). Each time we meet for our sessions, she is more independent, more spirited, and basically more awesome. I think you'll see what I mean in the images, below:


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