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 It can be isolating at times.

Most days, I'm just sitting over here on this island, wondering how many mamas feel the way I do. My feelings regarding motherhood go pretty deep (we'll save the deep stuff for another day).. but currently, my thoughts are pretty basic, and (I'm guessing) universal:

Being a mom In this world of social media can really bring you down. All of these (seemingly) perfect lifestyle/ mom bloggers have got me feeling like crap ALL.THE.TIME. While scrolling through their bright images of their adorable, well dressed babies and their gorgeous, perfectly decorated homes.. I have to remind myself that everyone struggles and has shitty days. I have to remind myself that they are probably struggling just like me.

There really are days when I feel like I am just crappy at being a human. Even though everyone has struggles, I know that there are moms out there that are great at keeping it together and can always find the sunshine on a rainy day. I am not one of them. I get consumed with my own issues and my own insecurities. I lose my cool, get frustrated, fall down the rabbit hole that is my jumbled, emotional, overthinking brain. Kudos to the mom that is just naturally good at being a mom. Kudos to you If you're a mom who really DOES almost always have her shit together and manages to find the sunshine on the dark days. Your child will probably grow to be a stellar human being because of your positive attitude, while mine will probably be just as messed up as I am (kidding-sort of).

 I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that If you're someone whose just not nailing this mom thing as much as you think you should be, you're not alone. On an average day,  I'm worrying about why my child is clinging to me too much (or won't nap, or both), surrounded by piles of clean laundry sitting in baskets waiting to be put away,  trying to hide from two dogs that want to be fed at freaking noon, not keeping my shit together.

Here's to the imperfect momma's raising perfectly imperfect human beings.  (and the first photo- for the sake of keeping it real with you all.)