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Luke & Stacy | Married

Luke and Stacy were married at Camp Brockway in Manlius on the hottest May day everrr. And in my opinion, they deserve an award for being so kind. gracious and generally awesome for NEVER complaining during their photos. From Stacy's tea length dress, to her crocheted bouquet that her mother made, to the stacks of books that served as décor and guest favors - every detail spoke to Stacy and Luke's interests and personalities. (I may have gotten carried away with the 'detail' photos on this one, the details were just too good!)


Louie & Kayla | Married

This wedding. These people. Their love.Once in a while, the stars align and I get to shoot the wedding of a best friend's sister... and it's pretty much what dreams are made of.

 From the flowers in her hair, to the handmade signs and touches of glitter throughout the reception, the details of this wedding are SO gorgeous. But the beautiful details don't even compare to the love that Louie and Kayla have for each other. They are the real deal, folks. A lot of times you hear people equate falling in love to finding a partner/best friend/soul mate in life, and watching these two on their wedding day, It seems that Kayla and Louie are just that.




Andy & Kayla | Married

 This sweet, sweet couple.I know I say that about all of my couples, but Andy and Kayla are seriously two of the kindest, most genuine, and endearing lovebirds I've had the pleasure of photographing. I don't think I heard one complaint from either, as we spent the time before their ceremony dodging rainstorms while trying to get as many photos as possible. I'm assuming it's those positive attitudes and good karma that attributed to the clouds parting ways and sun shining just in time for their ceremony and reception, which took place at the gorgeous Owera Vineyards.

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