This is Richelle, my friend.

Her name means power (chyeah, I googled it) .. but it should really mean 'the girl who comes to Jordan's studio and helps her.. alot.'

Richelle was my model for atleast an hour while I ran around like a crazy lady figuring out studio lighting. 

When I say' 'crazy lady', I mean I was swearing up a storm and throwing hissy fits every 12 seconds. In the middle of my tirade, I even asked Richelle to stare at the bulbs to see if they were firing.

That's not nice, and i'm sorry. :)Not only is this chick a patient model/friend, she is FUN, too.

She was as excited as I was to try out some new props for one of my upcoming sessions.Thank you Richelle, for letting me blind you, for being patient and for lauging at all of my jokes. You're the best :)