Not the anxiousness you feel when you are SO excited for something to happen, that you just want to jump up and down, scream, laugh and pee your pants all at the same time.

I'm talking about the bad anxiety... the crippling one, the kind that feels like you have an elephant sitting on your chest and you can't get him off. Your head starts spinning, you can't catch your breath, and your heart is racing. Do you know that moment when you're watching a horror movie and the serial killer jumps out and kills the dumb teen who went into the dark, creepy house alone and your stomach completely drops out of fear? It's that feeling too, sometimes. Do you know this kind?

Up until this summer, I didn't recognize my issues with anxiety. The triggers are always different.. a room full of people, a long to-do list, sometimes it's just opening my emails. It can be embarrassing, and I don't like the person that I am when i'm having a cray-cray-anxious-jordan fit (I say cray cray because I am also a drama queen, and have a tendency to over dramatize all feelings that i am feeling). If you're wondering why I am putting this out there for the world to see, the answer is; I'm using this as an outlet, a free therapy session for myself, a place for my brain to explode for a second and just deal.  How do you deal with your anxiety? Right now, I am relying on herbal tea, deep breaths and Pandora. ..which is playing me "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bob Marley. How appropriate.