Winter is always the season that i get lost in. I feel bored and restless and unable to find an outlet for my creativity. My fiance recently bought me boxes and boxes of black and white film, and i am SO grateful for that. It has turned out to be the perfect outlet to get me through these winter months.

There is something about film that takes the cake over any other photographic medium. Maybe it's the grain in film that you can't get from a DSLR, maybe its the sound of the camera when you advance the film after each photo, or maybe it's the feeling you get every time you get a new roll developed (it's like Christmas for me!). There is something about the art of film. Each click of the camera is significant. It requires you to stop and think about what you're doing. Film cameras don't allow the luxury of snapping a quick photo and deleting it if you aren't happy with the outcome.  For me, film is solace.






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