Hi all! A few quick announcements; the first is that Frank and I are married!! HOORAYYY!  We were married in my grandfather's airplane hanger this weekend, and had the most amazing day surrounded by flowers, happiness and loved ones. They aren't lying when they say the day goes by fast!  Our day was captured by the amazingly talented Kaylan Buteyn. Check her work out here and here. Anyway, long story short,  please don't panic when the name " Jordan Balash Photography" eventually pops up in your news feed. It's just me!

Second; because of the wedding and a very busy upcoming fall, I will not be doing fall mini sessions. I'm very sad about this because fall is my favorite, but there's only so much time! I WILL be doing Christmas minis in November, so check back for updates.

Third; As mentioned above, our fall is VERY busy. Frank will be back and forth between Mississippi and New York for job training, so I will be making time to visit him, moving my sister into our house (YAY!) and planning a trip to Michigan for the arrival of my best friends baby girl.. So basically, book your fall sessions NOW! :)

It's back to answering emails, editing weddings and senior sessions today. I will admit that I'm a little behind on senior session editing, only by a few days, but If you're wondering where your session is, I'm working on it! Thanks for your patience. Jordan