It has taken everything in me not to post this ENTIRE session, I love every image so much.  I think the key to a great session is being comfortable. I get it, trust me, It's weird and intimidating to have anyone stick a camera in your face, let alone a stranger. It's not natural for most of us. But being able to relax during your session, even if it's a tiny bit, will make you feel better about yourself and will make my job a lot easier. Granted, part of my job is to help you feel natural and comfortable (cue what I like to call my signature 'not so poised, but a little-bit-witty Jordan charm'), but when a couple allows themselves to loosen up, giggle and joke with each other, it allows me to capture them in an honest, organic way. Dom and Kaitlyn did just that during their session. They were so themselves, that really I was just stalking their lives and guiding their motions with poses. (Stalking in a non creepy way, of course.)

I'm so looking forward to their wedding in the fall!

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