I will admit that I was a bit reluctant to take my own dog's photos for this project. Bia gets extremely excited over treats, and wants to be on your lap if you are within 5 feet of her, which basically means she was in my face for most of these. She tests our patience on a daily basis, getting into the garbage, barking at any and every insect and animal that passes outside, and trying to get us to feed her 5 meals a day. But what she lacks in manners, she makes up for with her huge heart and comforting ways. She sat in my husband's lap the first time we met her in the shelter, and she hasn't left it since. This past winter, she welcomed a worker coming to look at our fireplace into our home by throwing herself into his arms and showering him with kisses. (Luckily, he was a dog lover who had just lost his Rottweiler, and didn't mind her lack of manners.) Our dorky little dog was found wandering the streets in Utica very underweight and nursing a broken leg, when she was brought into the shelter ( they believed she was hit by a car). One of our biggest challenges with Bia is that she does not tolerate other dogs, or cats, at all. I am hesitant to say this, because I don't want people to think she doesn't like other dogs because she's a 'pitbull', but I feel like it's an important part of Bia's rescue story.  In reality, it has nothing to do with her breed. She probably wasn't treated very well prior to her time spent in the shelter, and she probably wasn't socialized properly, if at all, as a puppy. No dog is perfect, and we love her anyway.  What we do know is that the day we brought her and Luna home together, they spent the afternoon chasing each other around the house, wrestling, sharing toys, and becoming best friends. I can't help but think that Bia being our dog was fate. It was going to happen that afternoon, she was going to make us fall in love with her, because she was always meant to be Luna's best friend. She was meant to be ours. Though Bia has proven to be a little more challenging to us as pet owners, (nobody said being a pet owner was easy) it all seems worth it when she crawls into one of our laps at the end of the day and looks up at us with her big ole soulful eyes.  She is goofy and clumsy and a little bit spacey at times, but It's hard not to be charmed by all of her quirks.

We love you B.

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Shelter name: Bianca    Age: 2    Adopted in 2012.  Rescued from Stevens Swan Humane Society    Breed: Pitbull/Dalmation Mix

Favorite things: naps. all day, everyday. cuddling, being wrapped in blankets, wrestling with her sister, meeting new people, breakfast and dinner (eating is her favorite thing in life).

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(This is what most of the outtakes look like..)